Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So Shabby Pink Sale Offer

Hi again!

We are offering the Spring/Summer issue of Romantic Country Magazine ($7.99 on the newstands - $6.99 on our website) free with any order of at least $39.

Come on over to So Shabby Pink and look around. We have added some new items this week and have a large variety of pastels.

Our small original rose wall plaques.
Our special design wall plaques
One of a kind painted things for those who love the cottage and shabby chic look.
This offer is good while magazine supplies last. Any orders received of at least $39 after magazine supplies are depleted will receive free Summer/Fall issue.
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

So Shabby Pink - It started in the Garage

Hello all.

The days have been a bit cooler this week, thank goodness. Tomato plants don't like to set new tomatoes when the nights are as warm as they have been. Hope we will have more "normal" temps for awhile. I am really not sure what is normal in Texas though.

We were cleaning out the garage not long ago and like many of you, I have collected things that I just know I will use --- someday and in ---some way. When my husband got serious about cleaning out, I had to really defend my right to keep some of my most prized BIG items. I almost lost these two beautiful old things!

This is an antique bed footboard - I used the headboard in the spare bedroom. Can you imagine him wanting to get RID of it? AH!

Click on pictures to enlarge

I got this door as someone was about to throw it out to the trash! Can you believe that? Look at all that shabby chic charm!

When my husband found out what I wanted to do with these great old pieces, he said, "You want to do what?!" For those of you who like to collect things like this, I bet you have heard those words before too, huh?

He was still asking that question at this point.....

My husband is such a good sport though. Although he was skeptical and was just not liking it as it went together, he kept going. He just focused on the workmanship, I guess, and he really does good work. To tell you the truth, I was beginning to wonder myself if I would like it.

I didn't even know he could do some of the touches he added to this project. He added some arms and routed the edges.

He still kept going....

Okay! Now there is somewhere to actually sit! At this point, this bench project became his own. He got sooooooo particular and fussy over everything being just right. I gladly just stood back and let him be in charge!

I don't even know how many coats of paint he meticulously put on this thing.

Ater putting in a seat, routing edges, adding trim and lots of paint, it is ALMOST finished.

This pretty quilt will do for now but I think I will use some foam and make a softer seat. I have some ornamental embellishments to add and some distressing to do and then it will be perfect.
Thanks for stopping by today. We are adding some new One of A Kind items so hope you will come by So Shabby Pink and look around.
Have a fun weekend!

Monday, May 11, 2009

So Shabby Pink Sale on Soft Items

Hello! Hope all are doing well!

We are having a sale in our Softer Side category. Lots of pretty pastel pinks and blues. Take a peek on our website, So Shabby Pink.

Door knob hangers on sale.

Vintage rhinestone custom gift tags on sale.

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So Shabby Pink

Friday, May 08, 2009

So Shabby Pink Lace and Roses Scrapbook Frame

Hello! Well, I think summer has arrived already in Texas. It will be in the 90's today. However, the sunshine is good for plants and our tomatoes. I actually picked one yesterday. Just one, but I am grateful!

For those of you that love to do scrapbooking projects, I just added a "frame" to our So Shabby Pink Paper website. You can cut out the area of the center of just glue your photos on top of this pretty lace and pink roses image. It measures 7" X 6" and you can CLICK HERE to purchase.

Also, as shown, we will be happy to personalize it for you. This is lovely for those of you who like to design your memories in a shabby chic or cottage design.

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So Shabby Pink