Saturday, October 17, 2015

I was browsing this evening and found this adorable photo of an old kitchen.  They call is a "Beautiful Boho in Venice Beach."  I clicked on the picture and looked through images of the rest of the house. I just fell in love with this lovely home!.  It's not modern.  There is wallpaper throughout, which no one seems to use anymore.  There are no granite countertops.  It looks like a vinyl floor in the kitchen with an old fashioned pattern. Everything is a little tattered and has the shabby look, but it does not look at though it was done on purpose.  It truly just looks, hmmm....evolved. Eclectic, charming, comfortable.....and I just love it!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Violin Lessons by Internet

I've always played some kind of music, even if it was just singing in a choir.  I learned to play the piano as a child which, of course, taught me the fundamentals of reading music.

I found my first violin during one of my many outings to estate and yard sales, I paid $60 for it. A few years later, I  found a teacher that could help me play a song I had "volunteered" to learn, and have continued with her for the past 3 years!  Surely, I am no spring chicken so if I can do this, I'd say just about anyone can.  

Most of my violin teacher's students are here in town, of course, but she has started something new.  LESSONS BY INTERNET! What a great idea!  No driving.  No traffic.  Saves time.  No gasoline cost. Lessons in your PJ's if you want. Take lessons from anywhere in the world.

A violin is such a versatile instrument.  Celtic music. Fiddle music. Country western. Classical. So many options.

I would love to introduce her to you if you think this is something you or your children would like to do. Her students are all ages and yes, I am the oldest.  

You may think that a violin is too costly but I've seen them on for as low as $34, which includes the case AND some include free shipping. No, it won't be the best violin in the world, but is a very low investment for a beginner.  I've seen them in all colors too, including pink!  Maybe I ought to get one of those!

Let me know if I can put you in touch with her and she can give you all the details.  What a wonderful way to take advantage of our modern technology!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

So Shabby Pink - Paint, My Favorite Invention

I've been busier than I like to be lately. We all do it.  Start projects and then wonder how in the world will we find time to finish.  I've gotten so rushed at times that I just don't even want to use punctuation in a I don't. 

I've been painting.  With So Shabby Pink, I painted all the time.  This time, it's been jewelry and, oh yes, walls.  I guess paint is just my all time favorite invention.  

I'll show you some painted walls soon. Getting our living room the right color has become almost a career, but getting off the subject.  I'll give you more of that later.  Look at my new bracelets below!

Be back another day!

Glass Beads. Sterling plated hearts.

Sterling Plated

Hand painted and sealed.
Available in My Etsy Store.

My favorite. Should I sell this one?

Shabby and chic style. Painted and sealed.

Unique. Available at So Shabby Pink