Sunday, October 11, 2015

So Shabby Pink - Paint, My Favorite Invention

I've been busier than I like to be lately. We all do it.  Start projects and then wonder how in the world will we find time to finish.  I've gotten so rushed at times that I just don't even want to use punctuation in a I don't. 

I've been painting.  With So Shabby Pink, I painted all the time.  This time, it's been jewelry and, oh yes, walls.  I guess paint is just my all time favorite invention.  

I'll show you some painted walls soon. Getting our living room the right color has become almost a career, but getting off the subject.  I'll give you more of that later.  Look at my new bracelets below!

Be back another day!

Glass Beads. Sterling plated hearts.

Sterling Plated

Hand painted and sealed.
Available in My Etsy Store.

My favorite. Should I sell this one?

Shabby and chic style. Painted and sealed.

Unique. Available at So Shabby Pink

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