Monday, September 22, 2008

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Friday, September 19, 2008

So Shabby Pink - Mom's Glittery Jewelry

I recently pulled out my Mom's old jewelry. I kind of inherited it many years after she died. Like most ladies' jewelry collections, there are some odd and stray pieces, but I chose some you might enjoy looking at.

I don't know how old these are but some are probably from the 1950's.

I would wear some of these except for the fact that they are clip on earrings or have those little screw backs. How did they ever figure out when to stop tightening the little screw?!
Since I cannot wear them as they are, I think I will put pieced ear posts for earrings. I could put pins on the back and wear some of them as a brooch. I like that idea!

I remember that I loved to look through her jewelry box when I was a kid. It was fun to play dress long as she didn't catch me.

These last two are my favorites. I love the pink and the aurora borealis earring shown above. They are much prettier in person.

Hope you enjoyed looking at them too!

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

So Shabby Pink - Road Trip To The Coast!

Not long ago, on a cloudy and humid Saturday, my husband and I took the day off and drove down to the Texas coast. Our favorite place to go is Port Aransas and a restaurant in Corpus Christi, called SNOOPY's. So, off we went, even with the the low hanging clouds and misting rain. As long as we are together, everything is okay anyway. :-)

Right before we get to Snoopy's, we have to cross over Laguna Madre.

Here we are on the other side of that big bridge.

It sure was a dreary looking day but the air smelled so good. The smell of fresh rain in the air is so pleasing.

Snoopy's is a very rustic little place. The back porch is open and part of it is covered by a porch. There is no screen on the covered part of the porch. Like I said, it's very rustic. We had to sit under the covered area as it was raining off and on.

After lunch, we always ride on down to Port Aransas. It is a real port and we often see
freighters coming in to unload their cargo.
Port Aransas is a typical little beach community. Lots of souvenir shops and BRIGHTLY colored buildings!
Another favorite stop is a wonderful candy shop. It is open year round and I have never been in there when there were no customers. It is a nostalgic fantasy land.

Oh, yea. I forgot to tell you. They have a "pet" rattlesnake. We learned that snakes only eat live prey so they buy mice to feed this thing. If I remember correctly, they only need to feed it once a month.

Next, we usually head on over to the jetty. This is the area where the freighters come in and you can actually sit in your car and watch these huge ships go by. The local fishing pier is a busy place during the hot summer months.

If you look at the horizon, you can see two ships. I don't know if they are coming in, going out or anchored.

This is one of those boats that goes out to the off shore oil rigs. There are many companies that service the rigs with food and whatever else they want, probably. This boat is bigger than it looks in the picutre. They have huge engines and when they leave the inlet, they throttle up. You can hear them for a long time and they sure do throw off a big wake. They have to have the power to get to the rigs whenever necessary, even in rough seas.

The pelicans in this area are very friendly. People feed them all the time so their natural habits have changed. Some don't migrate when they should because they have a steady food source on the island. There are some environmentalists that try to encourage people to enjoy watching the pelicans only.

This is how close I got to this pelican before he decided I didn't have any food for him. I guess that made him uncomfortable so he flew away!

While watching for boats and birds, we talked with a very friendly local couple that were net fishing for bait fish.
Local resident and fisherman, net casting for bait.

Look! He got some!

We met some interesting local residents.
We really enjoyed meeting them. They sure were enjoying themselves that day. Maybe we will see them at the jetty next time we go down there. I hope so!

This is the outside of the candy store.

Lots of interesting little shops and lots of lush green foliage.
When I moved to Texas, I noticed the sky more than I ever had before. Maybe it's because the trees are not very tall or are not there at all. It is also pretty flat!
I also noticed that the formation of a thunderstorm here was something you could actually observe! In Va. Beach, it would get dark and then, boom, we had lightning, thunder, wind and rain. Then, it was over!
Out here, oh my. Look at this. You can see the entire storm from 20 miles away.

This is a thunderstorm forming...............

Can't you see it rising higher as time goes on. We are also getting a little closer.
Compare the first picture to this. The top formation has totally changed and enlarged.

We finally started driving into the storm itself. I kept trying to catch a picture of the lightning. I obviously was not fast enough.
Sorry about the bugs on the windshield. It was butterfuly migration season. Seriously. I am not kidding.

I never saw storms that looked like this in Va Beach. Look at the picture below of what was off to our left rear.

Pretty amazing sight.

After a nice day at the beach and a relaxing ride home through the thunderstorm, we finally arrived home safe and sound.
I really enjoyed this day. It is permanently etched in my memory. I enjoy all my trips with my husband and enjoy everyday I have with him. He makes me laugh, helps me whenever I need it, and is such a great source of good advice. He is my best friend and I am so grateful for him.
Hope you enjoyed taking this trip with us. Thanks for stopping by!