Friday, September 19, 2008

So Shabby Pink - Mom's Glittery Jewelry

I recently pulled out my Mom's old jewelry. I kind of inherited it many years after she died. Like most ladies' jewelry collections, there are some odd and stray pieces, but I chose some you might enjoy looking at.

I don't know how old these are but some are probably from the 1950's.

I would wear some of these except for the fact that they are clip on earrings or have those little screw backs. How did they ever figure out when to stop tightening the little screw?!
Since I cannot wear them as they are, I think I will put pieced ear posts for earrings. I could put pins on the back and wear some of them as a brooch. I like that idea!

I remember that I loved to look through her jewelry box when I was a kid. It was fun to play dress long as she didn't catch me.

These last two are my favorites. I love the pink and the aurora borealis earring shown above. They are much prettier in person.

Hope you enjoyed looking at them too!

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So Shabby Pink

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Jennifer said...

Those are very beautiful and special because they were your mom's. I love vintage jewelry as well and I think you have a great collection!