Friday, January 31, 2014

So Shabby Pink Shelf of Rose Studded Jars


I pray all of you are doing well.  This winter has just been unbelievable.  We've been cold but nothing like the rest of the country.  I hope everyone is safe and warm.

So Shabby Pink

Monday, January 20, 2014

So Shabby Pink Home Made Latte Recipe with Starbucks (TM) Syrups

Good morning!  Coffee time!

As much as I LOVE coffee, I am still very frugal when it comes to how I enjoy it.  I've priced some of the popular coffee makers and came sooooo close to buying one the other day.  Then I "heard" in my thinking, "Use what you have."

Mine is an older version of this one:

Pump Espresso Maker (BVMC-ECMP55)

When looking for an espresso maker, years ago I decided on a $79 Mr. Coffee Espresso machine.  I had read that the better type is PUMP driven, so found one in a local discount store and bought it.  I've used it for years without any problems.

How many of you use a straw to keep from staining your teeth so badly?  :-) 

Here is one little tip to make your coffee even better.  I buy the coffee flavoring syrups at Starbucks. If they have enough, they will sell you a huge bottle for $12.95.  

My home made morning latte recipe:

1. 2 shots of espresso (2 oz=1/4 cup)
2. 1 cup of low fat milk (frothed
   with the machine.

3. Starbucks(TM) flavoring 
4. The steamer doesn't always warm it as
   much as I like it, so I just put it
   in the microwave.

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So Shabby Pink

Sunday, January 12, 2014

So Shabby Pink Metal Embellished Letter Holders

The new year has started with lots to do!  I've managed to take some time in my workroom and I am trying to keep these pretty letter holders as unique as possible. These are metal and have been embellished with beautiful lace and roses.

The little tiles are hand painted by the former, My Pink Boutique.

Thank you for stopping by.  Always more to come.

So Shabby Pink

Sunday, January 05, 2014

So Shabby Pink - Back Open Again and Ready to Go to Work !

Happy New Year to all of you!

We are open again and ready to get back to work.  My husband has been home this week so, have split my time between work and time with him. I have enjoyed the time off to rest and to reflect on my approach to this new year.

I've never been one to make "official" new year's resolutions but I do have some changes I'd like to make in 2014.  What about you??

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So Shabby Pink

Happy New Year from So Shabby Pink 2014

Happy New Year!!

My granddaughter made the candle.