Monday, January 20, 2014

So Shabby Pink Home Made Latte Recipe with Starbucks (TM) Syrups

Good morning!  Coffee time!

As much as I LOVE coffee, I am still very frugal when it comes to how I enjoy it.  I've priced some of the popular coffee makers and came sooooo close to buying one the other day.  Then I "heard" in my thinking, "Use what you have."

Mine is an older version of this one:

Pump Espresso Maker (BVMC-ECMP55)

When looking for an espresso maker, years ago I decided on a $79 Mr. Coffee Espresso machine.  I had read that the better type is PUMP driven, so found one in a local discount store and bought it.  I've used it for years without any problems.

How many of you use a straw to keep from staining your teeth so badly?  :-) 

Here is one little tip to make your coffee even better.  I buy the coffee flavoring syrups at Starbucks. If they have enough, they will sell you a huge bottle for $12.95.  

My home made morning latte recipe:

1. 2 shots of espresso (2 oz=1/4 cup)
2. 1 cup of low fat milk (frothed
   with the machine.

3. Starbucks(TM) flavoring 
4. The steamer doesn't always warm it as
   much as I like it, so I just put it
   in the microwave.

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So Shabby Pink

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