Friday, August 21, 2009

So Shabby Pink - Paul de Longpre La France Roses Back in Stock


Our best selling yard long print, "La France Roses," is back in stock. It is by far, our best selling wall decor item. I bought a very long white frame at Hobby Lobby for framing. I got it during one of Hobby Lobby's sales.

"La France Roses" by Paul de Longpre
Hope all of you are doing well. It is STILL hot here and it makes working outside quite a chore. I ride my bicycle in the hot afternoons but still haven't managed to get used to it. I am looking forward to our mild Texas winter.
We am starting to think about Christmas! Hope you will share your decorating and celebration plans here. Last year, I posted lots of pictures on my website So Shabby Pink, that came from my readers' homes all decorated for Christmas. I hope to be able to do that again and will probably let it spill over to our blog.
Also, on our sister website, So Shabby Pink PAPER, we will be doing something similar this year. We haven't quite decided what, but we will let you know.
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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

So Shabby Pink 20% off One of a Kind Items

I feel like we are living in the never ending twilight zone of heat! We adjust though. I watered plants early and came in to stay out of the heat.

We are having a 20% off sale on our One of a Kind items on our website We are still adding new items and they will be eligible for the sale also.
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