Saturday, May 12, 2007

Weird Thing about Me #1

A few blog posts back, I said I had been tagged and had to tell 7 weird things about me. Here is #1.

~~~Have you ever ordered a salad in a restaurant? Then when they bring it, it's a nice size all full of the things you like but it is stuffed into a really small if you want to put your salad dressing on it, how do you get the dressing to the parts underneath? Then, if you cut part of it, the lettuce falls out of the bowl. Ugh. The bowl is too SMALL!~~~

So, what I do now is ask for a larger bowl or plate to accompany my salad - even if I order a small salad. My husband says I am the only person he has ever known that cannot eat a salad stuffed into a small bowl...... I don't want to. I want a larger bowl. :-)

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Natasha Burns said...

Peggy I have heard about these small bowls of salad they give you guys over there... we've had friends visit the US and come back amazed at how small these little bowls of salad are, and they said they were supposed to be shared amongst everyone on the table! Come over here to Australia and you'll get a big mamma of a bowl to mix it up! I'm like you and don't like the little bowls, I always make a mess if the bowl is too small and I like to eat neatly!!!