Friday, June 08, 2007

Weird Thing About Me #3

My husband is a walker. He walks many miles everyday. I am so proud of him. He takes care of himself.

When he comes home, he takes two Gatorade bottles from the FREEZER that have turned to slush during his 1-1/2 hr. walk. One is for him and one is for me!! I look forward to that Gatorade drink - half frozen into a wonderful crunchy slush! It's my favorite part of the day to sit there with him and have this great treat.

Well, I was out with errands the other day and he didn't put one in the freezer for me. I HAD to have that time with him so I went to Sonic Drive-In and got myself a Diet Cherry Limeade - whose slush - is almost as good. Then I had my slushy with my darling husband. All was well with the world again.



Natasha Burns said...

Oh I love that you went out and bought one!!!! Sounds like you have a sweet life together said...

aww, there is nothing like having a husband you want to hang out with and enjoy simple pleasures with. Aren't we lucky? I have a husband I enjoy being with too.