Tuesday, January 29, 2008

So Shabby Pink - Has it been a MONTH?


I just got a comment from GardenGoose a little while ago. It seems I have not blogged for a month now and she was checking on me. That was nice of her! So, here I be! Her and her husband just put the new issue of "Small Town Living" e-zine up on the website over at www.stliving.net They create a e-zine every other month geared towards Small Town Living, but there's lots of info that even those in the city would enjoy. Go take a peek!

We had that nice long drive to Virgina before Christmas and here are some of the sights along the way. I had forgotten how pretty the trees can be out that way. In south Texas, where we are now, most of the trees are much shorter.


This might not seem important to you, but click on this to see what this is. WAFFLE HOUSE! We don't have them in south Texas! I love Waffle House!

My immediate family ranges in ages from over 50 to almost 91 so when we all get together, we are a wild bunch!

Our First Puzzle
Our Second Puzzle.
Seems someone always hides a piece or two so they can be the one to finish the puzzle. We are a wild group, I say! :-)

Hope the new year is going well for everyone!

So Shabby Pink


GardenGoose said...

the trip pictures from Virginia look so nice. I love when the trees change colors.
We took a trip several yrs ago up to Chattanooga when the leaves were beginning to change..up around Cloud land Canyon..oh my..breathtakingly beautiful!
thank you for mentioning the online magazine..appreciate that.
Paul and I love putting the magazine together..it's loads of fun...and we learn wonderful new things right along with our readers.
Here's wishing you a lovely week!

GardenGoose said...

inviting you to stop by my blog for my latest give away.