Friday, July 11, 2008

So Shabby Pink - A Heart Felt Thank you to my Sister

I got a box in the mail from my sister, Jean! Look at all the goodies I unpacked.

What a pretty way to dress of white tissue paper!!

Boy, this sure is an improvement over the ugly
spiral one I've been carrying! How did she know?

I just happened to mention the last frigerator notepad she gave me was almost empty...... :-) Thank you!

We both enjoy reading Gloria Copeland's books.

I am very grateful to have a sister like her. I've always looked up to her and still do. She is so talented too. You could give her sticks and she could make something beautiful out of them.

Thank you, Jean! I love you!


Michele said...

What a super sweet sister! You have lots of wonderful goodies to enjoy!


Natasha Burns said...

What special gifts your sister sent you Peggy! So beautiful and so practical. How did she know? She's your sweet sister of course!
Natasha : )

GardenGoose said...

what sweet gifts.
yes sisters are the best aren't they..they know our likes and just what it takes to add a bit of cheer to our days.
hope you have a lovely week.