Thursday, February 26, 2009

So Shabby Pink - Make Two Pillows out of One

Hi, everyone!

It's been such a pretty day today in south central Texas. It was in the 70's - you know, the temp where you don't seem to even be able to feel the air on you skin.

In my last post, I said I would show you how to make 2 pillows out of one.
Take a look at these pillows below~~~~
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What you see are 3 creamy neutral pillows...... right?

However, pillows #1, #2, and #3 below are the SAME PILLOWS as shown above. I made the fronts and backs different on each pillow. I also love silks so I used silk on one side or part of one side only and saved lots of money.

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These three pillows above are the same 3 neutral pillows shown on the bed above.
Here is another example:
Here are two more very neutral pillows in the living room.
Oops! Here is the other side of the larger pillow!
Making one side of your pillows in a neutral will help you be able to use them anywhere, no matter how many times you change your decor. The colors I am using now are much softer than the prints you see above. However, since I made one side in an off white color, I don't have to spend money again for pillows. They are just on the other side.
Hope you enjoyed reading about my pillows. I think they add such a soft and cozy touch to a shabby chic style or cottage decorated room.
Thanks for stopping by!
So Shabby Pink


Sonia ~ Vintage Rose Designs said...

Very neat idea. I like that!!!

Stephenie said...

What a great idea. The pillow's are so pretty. I am going to try that if I could ever find my foot pedal for my sewing machine. My husband moved it.
I just love the colors you used. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your blog is also very pretty.... See Ya Soon...