Wednesday, March 17, 2010

So Shabby Pink - Romantic Country Magazines in Stock

We got a little behind getting the latest Romantic Country magazines on our website, but you can find the most recent issues here. We also have the new Flea Markety Style magazine.
We sell all of our magazines for 10%-13% discount and mail using First Class Mail postage.

Currently, at So Shabby Pink, we will include a free Romantic Country magazine if you place a retail order of $30 or more (while supplies last).

As always, we refund any shipping charges above our cost to ship to you.

Hope all are doing well and thanks for stopping by!
So Shabby Pink

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M Carmen Casanova said...

Hola. Tu blog es fantástico. Me sirve de inspiración para las miniaturas de mi casa de muñecas. Si lo acepta en mi blog hay un premio para ti. Gracias.