Sunday, August 15, 2010

So Shabby Pink - Storage, Small Details and The Unexpected

Hello! It is just another hot Sunday afternoon. Keeping cool inside today.

I am always looking for ways to decrease clutter in our home. There are endless ways to be creative when it comes to storage. My biggest problem, however, when I do something new is to REMEMBER what I did! We were looking for the remote controls recently and I forgot I had created a new place to put them.
PROBLEM: Out of sight....out of mind!

Oh, yes! Now I remember.

I also love the beach and use shells as decor in a few areas. This is my newest. One more place for storage too.

This is our unexpected fireplace screen. If we do use the fireplace, which is rather seldom here in Texas, we remove the vintage wooden screen and there is a metal drawing screen behind it. I don't think my husband has yet adjusted to this and it's been there for years. This is a compromise, however, so he can have some things he wants in other parts of the house. Ladies, sometimes we just have to learn to negotiate with our men!

One of the things that makes a house feel like home, is the small details.

Think I will go sew awhile this afternoon. Adding some blue accents to this mostly white room. It needs a little something different to refresh the look.

Hope all are doing well today and thanks for stopping by.

So Shabby Pink

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candace said...

Wahahaaa !!! I won't mind to loose my stuff inside such a beautiful handmade box of yours ;)