Saturday, December 04, 2010

So Shabby Pink - Blue and White Rooms


It sure does not feel like December here in South Texas. It's about 75 degrees, little wind and sunny. My husband cut the grass and chopped up fallen leaves. It's so nice out there!

Although I sell a lot of pink in my business, So Shabby Pink, I have a real passion for blue and am wanting to makes some changes in the house.

See link reference below

No, this is not our bedroom but I am thinking about doing a version of this. I think this is so pretty and very peaceful ! I found some nice fabric very similar to this at Calico Corners.

What was the name of that show on HGTV where they would show a desinger's room that had a very expensive price tag. THEN, they would go out and find furniture and decor to re-create a look alike room for a fraction of the price.....what was the name of that show? This picture is my guide. I won't be able to start until after the new year though. Just too busy this month!

Bedroom Picture from House Beautiful "Beautiful Blue and White Rooms"
Have any home decor before and after pictures?

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So Shabby Pink

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Linda said...

For the past couple of years, I have fallen in love with pink, but I have always loved the color blue. And I love the combination of this blue with the green. Very pretty!