Monday, July 29, 2013

So Shabby Pink - Time for Winter Planting

I love plants....inside and outside.  

Last summer, I planted some seeds of an ANGEL TRUMPET plant and it came back this spring much larger than it ever got last year! 

For perspective, those blooms are about 6"-7" long!  They evidently are quite hardy as it is surviving the hot Texas summer.  It got almost as tall as me so I had to cut it back.  It really is beautiful!

It's almost time to plant some things for fall. It's so dang hot here that we have two full growing seasons.  Long ago, I had tomatoes in December!

Hmmmmmm, what shall I try to grow?  I have so much shade in our yard that I am going to try containers like a family member, Kimberly, did.  She grew some awesome cucumbers in a 5 gallon bucket with a wick for watering and a pole in the middle for the plant to climb.

As long as the container is large enough to give the roots enough room to grow to support a healthy plant, I guess you can use just about anything.  I picked up some 5 gallon buckets at our local grocery store in the BAKERY department. Icing buckets!  They will give them to you for free but you get to clean out the leftover icing!  Okay!


I love these old watering pots. 
We will see what happens!  

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