Monday, August 26, 2013

So Shabby Pink - Have You Seen This Fabric ?


I posted this picture a little while ago talking about how much I love this room.  No, it's not mine but I surely can try as hard as I can to reproduce it.

I need y'all's help.  I am looking for the fabric in this pillow pictured below.  I have been searching the internet for a long time.  I've looked through Etsy, Ebay, and lots of fabric websites.  The flowers are dogwoods and the background looks gray.  I am not sure if it is bark cloth or not.  

If anyone out there finds this somewhere, would you let me know, please?  I would forever be grateful!

Source:  Romantic Country Magazine

Hope you are having a good week!
So Shabby Pink

Monday, August 19, 2013

So Shabby Pink Estate Sale Love

I guess anyone with a business name with the word "shabby" in it, loves to go to flea markets and estate sales.  That includes me! I know there must be lots of you out there too.

These are the latest gadgets I found.  Vintage whisks! The first one...oh, I just love.  Most modern whisks are rounded at the end but this one is flat.  It allows you to whisk in the corners of the pot!  I love that.  I am making gravy here and am able to get to every inch of the bottom of the pan. Nice!

Thursday, August 01, 2013

So Shabby Pink - Cottage Shabby Coastal Everything I Love Room !

I just LOVE this room!  I have seen this picture more than once in my favorite magazines, Romantic Country and Romantic Homes.  The colors are so appealing.  The vintage bark cloth pillow is just the perfect touch.  So shabby chicy. So coastal. So peaceful.

My problem is that I am fickle.  I mean really fickle.  I might create a room just like this and then see something else I like and might even be ready to change it all out by the time I finish the first color scheme!  Am I the only one like this?  It's kind of frustrating!  

I want to make a room like this for our home!

I hope all of you are well.  I decided to go for a bike ride in this 102 degree weather but I take plenty of water and my CELL PHONE!  I laugh when I think about that as I did get overly zealous last summer and had to call my husband to come rescue me.  Me dork sometimes. 

Have a happy Thursday evening!

So Shabby Pink