Monday, February 10, 2014

So Shabby Pink Superbowl Eats for Game Time

The Superbowl came and went!  Depending on who you were rooting for would, obviously, determine if you enjoyed the game or not.  I honestly do prefer a little more competitive game but that isn't how it happened.

We DID, however, enjoy what I cooked up for game time!  Every fun event is just an excuse to eat, right?  Found this wonderful shrimp and gumbo recipe on the internet and made some homemade biscuits.  Opps...not totally the truth.  I used Pioneer Baking Mix to make these fantastic "homemade" biscuits.

This cute little magnet board will soon be available on our website for purchase.  It's metal and that really pretty rose magnet is metal too.

We had a really pretty day yesterday with sunny skies in th 70's. This was one of the prettiest sunsets I've seen in awhile.  Unfortunately, there is more bad weather coming in with ICE again in South Central Texas.  Yippie....

Hope all are having a good start to this new week.

Warm regards,

So Shabby Pink

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