Monday, February 23, 2015

Thoughts and Plans for this New Year

I am looking forward to some big changes for 2015.  We have not begun our "renovation" but it's in the planning stages.  I am looking forward to a little more time to complete more of my own personal projects as many times, they are put aside to fulfill the wishes of my customers.  I believe I am coming into a good plan to be able to do both.

We first started with our one of  a kind items and then gradually added items that could be ordered at any time and repeated as much as desired.  We'll share later with you how this will change.....yet remain the same. Sounds confusing doesn't it?  I have missed scouring flea markets and estate sales for special finds to wow my customers.  I am planning on more of those outings this year. 

Hang on! Spring is coming....and hopefully soon. I am so ready!

Warm regards,


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