Friday, October 05, 2007

So Shabby Pink - Merchant Moms is Seriously Cool

I have met quite a variety of people online since I first opened So Shabby Pink. It has been really different for this 50ish retired RN as I have worked directly with people my whole life. I mean, nurses reeeeally work directly with people....if you know what I mean. So, forming some type of rapport with people online was a new challenge.

Joining groups like Make Mine Pink and Beautiful Shops helped open the door to associating with other website retailers. Both online shopping sites have areas for members to chat and I have gotten to know some of the girls pretty well! Great folks out there!

Another association that I have learned is very important when you are operating a website is with the company that hosts your site - the web host - the folks that keep it running! That's where Merchant Moms (MM) comes in.

Meet John \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/
I posted on John, at Merchant Moms, back on September 5 if you would like to know more about his company. My stepdaughter, Kimberly of My Pink Boutique, talked me into moving my site with him and I am so glad I did. Everything he says in his ad is 100% true. You purchase a great product and great service. He is a real person and you don't have to wait 2 days to get an answer to a problem. His help desk is not outsourced. It is "Made in the USA."

John has shared some of his personal life with his clients (we're kind of nosey too) and we have discovered he is a seriously cool fellow! Now, in case you didn't notice, he is leaning against his Honda Goldwing! This must be the real John!
When I showed my husband this picture for the first time, I heard this gasp of air and a long and low "oooohhhhhhhh." He loves motorcycles too --- although I do not foresee one sitting in our garage any time soon ;-) !

Earlier this year, John and his wife took a motorcycle trip to the Tennessee/North Carolina state line and drove the Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap. The picture below is small portion of that stretch of highway and is posted from the Tail of the Dragon website (picture posted with permission). You have to go look at some of the pictures from their site. Go to Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap and check out the photos. Wow look at this one......This is evidently a rather dangerous road. John and his wife drove it on a motorcycle! Can you believe it?!
If I understand this correctly, there are groups of people that take your picture as you are traveling on this road and you can purchase those photos. John's journey with his wife was captured in the photo below. That is just so cool! That is really them!

The picture below is The Cherohala Skyway . I just thought it was really something beautiful to look at ( with permission). Oh, my! Check out the history of the area !

John's latest escapade was up to Woodstock, GA for a gathering of around 150 Goldwing owners. Here are a few of them (far left is John). How fun!

I tell you, younger kids and even young adults think we don't know what fun is once we are over 30, 40 or 50 years old. Not so!! Life is just getting better and better. I hope John's is too. It sure looks that way, doesn't it?!!

Keep having fun!


Arlene said...

I can attest to the fact, that John deserves the fun...he is awesome!

Jennifer Froh said...

What a cool guy!!!

ps.. You've been award the "You make me smile" award. See my blog for details :)

My Pink Boutique said...

Absolutely true! John rocks!

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Deal's of my SweetiePies favorite rides !
us vintage folks have learned how to live LOL

Meadow Street said...

What boy doesn't love motercylces. My DH and my DS ohh and ahh everytime they see one.

Whimsy Pink said...

Looks like alot of fun!