Wednesday, September 05, 2007

So Shabby Pink -

For those of you out there with websites, you know how much work they are! There is always something to add, delete, edit, tweek or fix! I had three - yes - I think that's right - three different web hosts before coming to

My stepdaughter, Kimberly, at My Pink Boutique, had started up with Merchant Moms and really liked it. After three disappointments, I finally went on over. Now, you could not pry me away!

You can compare monthly plans, read about the cart features and much more. You also do not have to have any knowledge of html - really! No! I really am not kidding. They have web designers available or you can create your own template.

The thing about Merchant Moms that impresses me most is the exceptional customer service. When Kimberly and I get on a roll about something, the support desk at Merchant Moms handles us two with ease. You actually email with a real person, often the owner, and they even have a phone number you can call if you must.

I like my web host! Can you tell?

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My Pink Boutique said...

Well put! John (of MM) rocks! You can't get any better!