Thursday, September 13, 2007

So Shabby Pink - Make Mine Pink Tea Party Day 4

What fun all the tea parties in cyberspace have been this week. It's hard to put together a sweet little setting without using Kimberly's sweet faux pastries. SO, here they are again!

We arranged our settings together today - 300 miles apart. We just chatted and chatted and it was the next best thing to actually having her here. :-) I really do appreciate technology.

Remember those round sectional plates? The pink dishes are actually 3 separate curved pieces. I don't have the original dish that they sat on, but there is always a way to make them work. I really love that pink color.

The pot, cream and sugar pieces below are some of my wares but they are for decoration only. I don't recommend any of my products for food service. Just pretty decoration.

It's been fun! Hope you will visit us again.


GardenGoose said...

so very pretty..yet again. love, love those fake pastries..too cute.

Debbie said...

Your tea table is very pretty! Be sure to drop by my Cozy Cottage tomorrow and enjoy a cup of tea with me too. :)

Pink hugs,

ellen b said...

Oh I love your presentation. That 3 sectioned plate works beautifully around your cake plate. I sometimes see those without their base plate but never thought of using them in this way.
everything is lovely. I'm glad I came back...

Anonymous said...

I love this lovely idea with the sectional plates. The pink is so pretty with the pastries. Just beautiful!

Tracy P. said...

You have such a gentle touch--your teas are all different but all very soothing. I could settle in here easily!

Cathy said...

Peggy, I love this tea party. Everything so wonderfully pink. And my favorite sweets are being served. Oh my.... how I love these sweets. I just look at mine everyday and smile. I bet you do too! And you have your choice of any dessert you want everyday! How cool is that?
Have a wonderful weekend my friend.

Sweet Remembrance said...

Peggy...beautiful tea party! Love the sectional plate, great idea!

KJ said...

What a lovely tablescape!