Sunday, September 23, 2007

So Shabby Pink - Meet Arlene

You know, this year has really been a difficult year for many. When we do not live in the areas that we read about or live in those places we see pictures of on the news, we tend to forget that hardships are coming on people that are just like you and me.

One very strong lady that has overcome quite an ordeal this year is Arlene. I met Arlene on Make Mine Pink. She is an avid collector of beautiful vintage goodies and a retailer of collectibles through her website, Lil Cottage Shoppe.

Now, I know what it is like to want to live on the water and be willing to take the risk of flooding and storms. I grew up in Virginia Beach, VA and there is just nothing like it! You just accept the risk and keep on going - and are so grateful for the opportunity to be where you love!
When I later lived in northeastern North Carolina, my view from our backyard deck was very much like Arlene's. This is her backyard view. Gorgeous!

Living on Fox Lake, Illinois, however, she was a part of the flooded areas from this summer's rains.
This was the after......

When I first learned that she had been affected, I kept looking for posts from her on the Make Mine Pink Forum to see how she was doing. We were all much relieved to know she and her family (her dogs are family too) were safe but disappointed that much of her inventory for Lil Cottage Shoppe had been damaged or rendered useless. You can read about her experience on her blog.

In spite of all this hardship, she has now created two new businesses in addition to her current website:

Retro Boutiques

  • Retro, Vintage and Antique Inspired Web Templates. Our GREAT web host, Merchant Moms, has accepted her as a template designer. Way to go, Arlene!!
Cottage Shop Estate Sales
  • Estate Sale and Ebay Consignment Services. (I love estate sales).

I call that creative and resilient! This is a quality I love about some people. That "stick to it-ness" -- that, "I am strong and will find a way to be even better-ness." There are no limits for a person like that......

Arlene, YOU ROCK!!

Here are the places you can find Arlene:

The Lil Cottage Shoppe
Cottage Shop Estate Sales
My Little Pink Boutique
Women Take Wing


Arlene said...

Peggy, I cannot thank you enough for your sweet post..thank you so very much!

Debbie said...

Peggy....what a sweet thing to do....Arlene really is a winner and her new web design website is lovely! You are a sweetie for featuring her here on your blog. :)