Monday, September 10, 2007

So Shabby Pink Introduces Robin's Soap Nest

I recently went into one of our local Mail Center retail stores to ship a package. Of all things sitting there on the counter was an adorable display of wonderful smelling handmade (cold process) soap!

The smell just permeated the room. Oh, boy! I know my eyes must have gotten as big as saucers when I saw them. I have never been able to resist handmad soap so I bought a handful. The truck smelled great by the time I got home too!

The maker of this soap is Robin of
Robin's Soap Nest. She is a local girl and a member of the San Antonio Work at Home Moms of Texas. I found her contact information on the soap label and I have had some very nice email conversations with her. I would like to introduce you to her and welcome her to our very fine online community.

On her website, she has shown about 5 shows she has yet to do this year. That Randolph Air Force Base Officer's Wives Club Show is a humdinger!! It's one of the most popular local shows in our area. I hope to get there and meet her in person.

She also sells her soap wholesale.

I've tried a variety of her scents and so far, the LAVENDER is my favorite. It's really strong in the shower. I love Lavender and I am out.....I need a refill....

Her newest addition are these little cupcake soaps! Aren't they cute! They are all soap and she said that they float in the bathtub. I bet kids will love these! Just make sure they know to not eat them! You can order her soaps through her website, Robin's Soap Nest.

These are not food ~ These are soap!

These are not food ~ These are soap!

These are not food ~ These are soap!

I hope you will visit her website and try her soaps too! For those of you with websites, she does exchange banners.

Glad to have you here, Robin!


Jennifer Froh said...

Thank you Peggy for introducing her to us! I'm going to visit her site now :)

So Shabby Pink said...