Thursday, January 01, 2009

So Shabby Pink - Amy from Four Sisters in a Cottage

Who says you cannot make real friends with people on the internet? I used to think it was not possible too but I am not so sure anymore. I know on the internet, we can be who WE want to be and present ourselves as we want other to see us. We can hide behind our monitors.
Well....................there is one fine lady I have met that doesn't hide who she is. In fact, that seems to be the last thing she does. She is honest and courageous. Her name is Amy of Four Sisters in a Cottage. I started buying things for my home from her last year and have gotten to know her as time passed. Her daughter is stationed in our home town and will probably get to know her better too. I hope so.

Amy sent me some pictures of her newly decorated home all dressed up in Christmas decor. In a rush to finish up things before we closed for Christmas, I failed to get her pictures on our website, So Shabby Pink, where we posted pictures our customers and readers sent us.

Amy, this post is for you.............

Amy is a breast cancer survivor and is still fighting some complications from the reconstruction stage. My prayers, respect and well wishes are with her. I hope you will visit her website and blog and give her your support too.
Amy, you are awesome babe!
Thanks for visiting us today,

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