Saturday, March 21, 2009

60 Yards of White Demin for Shabby Chic Room


Years ago, maybe 6 years ago, I bought 4 bolts of white cotton denim. I love that white shabby chic style. My goal was to make some slipcovers for a sofa, a chair and an ottoman. I have finally broken down all barriers and began with the easiest piece, of course. Ugh, I have never make slipcovers before! I do think I can do this though. I have even dreamed about how to make it easier.
I want to share this new challenge with you as I go along, but my real purpose of tonight's post is to share something, after sewing all my life, that I discovered just last night. It is yet, another thing I used to see my mother do as she sewed for our family. I posted earlier that she was an expert seamstress. I started thinking about what it was that made her results so great! I mean, I know how to do the things she did but my results have not always been quite as excellent as hers. Then, it dawned on me. She HAND BASTED everything first!
You may think that is ridiculous. I have certainly thought it was a waste of time. I saw her do it when she made complex things but I have always thought I could get away with using straight pins. I also just have not wanted to take that time to hand baste. It is just so boring! It takes so long! I have just wanted to get on with it!
I have used welting many times for pillows and have always just pinned it all together. The sewing part was always a little tricky and I would struggle a bit, especially around the corners, but I would get through it and be glad that step was over.

I started on the ottoman last night as it is the easiest of all I am going to do. I started with the pins and pinned the welting I made (with the zipper foot) and took my time to get it even all the way around.
THEN, I HAND BASTED THE WHOLE THING - Yes, all the way around!

Oh, my gosh!! I cannot believe how well this first part has come out! Stitching the welting to the top of the ottoman cover was so easy and the finished product was better than I had hoped for! The corners were a breeze!
Well, I tell you. I may be the last to realize the importance of this step, but I am the happiest of persons to have taken the time to do it.
Hand basting. Who would have thought?
So glad you came by!


debi @ life in my studio said...

Thanks for the tip! I've been wanting to make slip covers for my loveseat and chair...that sounds like it just might make it easier.
Happy Spring!

Stephenie said...

Thanks for the tips... I think it's amazing that you can sew such amazing things. Like an ottoman. I can't even sew an apron(hehe).I think i'm going to take a sewing class after my sewing weekend with Heather...

Sonia ~ Vintage Rose Designs said...

Oh! my mom hand basted everything too!! and when me and my sister where still kids she used to ask us to help doing it. Youre right, I hate it, and as much as I do sew, thats one thing I never do now. But I know, my moms work was always so good too. Hmmmm!!!