Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Roses are Blooming at So Shabby Pink

Hello all.

I can't believe it was 90 degrees here yesterday. Too much too soon, even for south Texas. It is much milder today though. Texas weather is so unpredictable.

It has been nice enough to get some new plants started for about a month now though. Our yard is shaded by trees so it is hard sometimes to find the sun for the kinds of plants I want to grow. I have settled for bush type tomatoes that can grow in big pots. This year I chose the Bush Goliath.


Already have 2 tomatoes!

This is the first year I have grown Petunias. I just love them! They are doing great in the shade!

I planted some Morning Glory seeds and these are ready to grow up on a trellis. I grew these a long time ago and they will grow like crazy all over the place! I can extend strings out from the pot for them to grow on or maybe go get some lattice from the hardware store. Can't wait until they start blooming!

I usually grow a little herbs here and there. A friend of mine has a Rosemany BUSH! It has grown so big in her garden and smells so good.

I forget what this plant is called - if you know, leave a comment!
The spots on the leaves resulted from hail during a thunderstorm!
Almost ready to bloom!
This is a perinneal. bogainvilla...

Begonia - all plants that love shade.
Of course, at So Shabby Pink, we have other types of blooming flowers.

There is a story to come about this bench...

Our newest color: Antique Blue and Cream

Antique Blue Frame with Soft Blooming Roses
Thanks for stopping by today. Hope all is well with you.


Stephenie said...

Love your petunia's they're so pretty..I can't wait to plant my flowers...Those little jars are just so sweet..

Cathy said...

Hi Peggy,

I just got back from visiting Michele of Rose Petals and Blooms. I stayed for a week. It was in the 90s for a few days there too. We had a blast. Did lots of antiquing.

I hope all is well with you. Give Kim a hug for me.

xo Cathy