Saturday, June 09, 2012

So Shabby Pink - For Dog and Country Lovers

We don't have any dogs or pets now.  I grew up with the 'best-est,' biggest and blackest doggie in the world.  She was part retriever so she loved the water.  She was my buddy.  She would go to the beach with me and I even taught her to play Hide n Seek with me in the house.  Funny, as a teenager, I didn't notice how her claws were scratching and destroying the closet door I would hide in! Ugh... 

Although we don't have any pets now, I still have such great memories and that warm and fuzzy feeling about my former pets. Oh, then there was this great little beagle named Missy...

 SOOOOO...when I saw these on my last Dallas Market trip with my grandson, I knew they were had to haves! We have a limited amount of these on our website,
So Shabby Pink, and they are ready to ship. 

I love our country.  These spoke to me too.  Again, we have just limited amounts.

Thank you for stopping by today.  We hope you have a great weekend.

So Shabby Pink


Janet Bernasconi said...

Hi there pretty lady!

I thought I would pop over to say hello. I am a big animal lover too. I grew up with cats not dogs,but love them too. Those are awesome signs for pet lovers. I am sure they will sell fast. Hope you are doing great. Love summertime! I am playing catch up and many things and just getting a bit more rest than when the kids are in school. I usually get up so early. Anyway enjoy the day and come on over to visit soon,
Janet's Creative Pillows

Kathleen said...

really creative! for a dog lover like me, i can really appreciate it.