Sunday, June 03, 2012

So Shabby Pink - Variety Pictures

Hello!  The weekend is almost over and I feel like I could lay down and sleep until morning! I am ready to hit the floor running on Monday morning! 

Just sharing pictures today.

We only have one (for now) of this pretty headband. This is a new item.  That sparkle in the middle is a vintage brooch.  Headband is satin covered.

I made this cute chair cover to match my roman shade curtains I also made for my workroom.  You may not have noticed, but can you believe I cut it upside down! Ugh...  Know what? It's staying just like it is!

This wall hanging is always available on our website.

Don't you love thinking that somebody's grandma sat and hand made these pretty pot holders?
Vintage always inspires the imagination. 


Very feminine pillow cases.

Our trademark light switch covers.

A pretty variation on terra cotta!

Once these Powder Room wall/door hangings are gone, there will be no more.  Unfortunately, the company we bought these from, went out of business. We still have a handful left.

My sweet husband is a part-time wood worker and makes all my boxes and shelves.  He sometimes has trouble with that shabby decorating look though.  Being very traditional, he doesn't understand that I am going to paint it and THEN mess it up.  He sure does a good job though. There are more pieces in the works so hope you will visit our website often.

This is another print Paul de Longpre print that will be unavailable when sold out.

Thanks so much for stopping by today.
It is already summer in Texas and yes, thank you, Lord, for the rain!

So Shabby Pink

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