Saturday, September 28, 2013

So Shabby Pink - I love Housey Blogs! Share your favorites!

I LOVE housey blogs!  I love seeing how others decorate their homes.  Guess that is why I love estate sales so much.  We get to go inside!! I love seeing renovations, especially those with before and after pictures.  I love the fact that blogs let us see into others' homes without even taking one step out the front door.  

Here is one of my favorite DIY bloggers.  I mean, she is truly a DIYer!  She has power tools!

Her entry, "Shabby Chic Framed $5 Door Mirror" is a good example. 

You can read how she did this HERE.

I really do admire folks that are not afraid to express their own ideas, even if they are different from everyone else.  

Hope you will subscribe to her blog!  She does post frequently and it never disappoints!  GREAT DIY blog!

I would love to see what your favorite blogs are!  I never get enough.  Post a comment and share!

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