Wednesday, October 02, 2013

So Shabby Pink DIY with Serger and New Ruffle

Sewing.  Our moms did it or at least mine did.  She was as good as any professional seamstress, for sure.  Because of her, I learned to sew.  I don't ever remember sitting and taking lessons from her.  I just watched and learned.

I have recently purchased a 60 year old, Singer 915 Centennial sewing machine to do heavy duty work like welting for slipcovers and pillows.  It is a work horse!  It sits beside my 35 year old Kenmore!  They are both testaments of the durability of good 'ol American made products!

Back to mom - In order to create nice seams that did not fray, my mother used pinking shears and then sewed a straight stitch over the jagged edge. It was fairly effective but not very pretty.  

That said, there is a wonderful modern machine our moms did not have!  The SERGER!  Let me show you what it does!  Here is the end result of making some pretty ruffle for my very cool cell phone purses.


Isn't that just beautiful!
If you have some picture of your latest sewing projects, we would love to see them! 

Also, if you are interested in learning to sew, provides online classes for a very small fee.

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So Shabby Pink

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