Saturday, May 31, 2008

So Shabby Pink - Christmas Ornaments or Door Knob Decor

Hello! It's another hot day here in Texas.

I have never organized my time well enough to get a lot of holiday decor on my website during the actual holiday. Other activities always take my time during those days. So, I thought, THIS IS THE YEAR! I am starting early. I am still in the design process and the ones you see may be a little different by the time they make the website. I AM going to get it done this year!

This little pink tree is sized to sit on a table.

These are the size of Christmas balls so they are perfect for a shabby chic style tree. They are also a nice size to hang from a doorknob any time of the year.

Hope your weekend is going well.



Anonymous said...

Ohhh ahh that tree is to die for!! How utterly gorgeous!! As all of your things are!! Pretty pretty pretty!!!

Classics and Country said...

What a cute feather tree! Adorable.