Thursday, May 15, 2008

So Shabby Pink - Eagle Cam at Norfolk Botanical Gardens

I am a real fan of Live video cams all over the world. Last year, I blogged about some of the ones I found in New York City and some in Alaska. It's just so interesting!

My 91 year old father, who does not own a computer, told me about a pair of Bald Eagles that have made their home in the Norfolk Botanical Gardens . Cameras have been installed to watch the nest 24 hours a day. My father lives in NC and saw it on a neighbor's computer.

I grew up in Virginia Beach and Norfolk so this live cam is rather near to my heart. Sometimes I miss the area. It's really beautiful.

With permission from WVEC TV in Norfolk, VA, I am posting some of the still photos. They post many photos like this from each day. The link to the live cam is at the end of this blog entry.

The people who work the camera will zoom in and out and sometimes even show the surrounding area.

It is free to join and if you do so, you can participate in their live Chat Room.

The eagles successfully hatched one egg this time and the eaglet is growing so much! It is amazing to watch them feed their little offspring. They are such good parents.

I always keep the live cam window open so I can go peek when I think of it. I watched them ride out a dangerous thunderstorm over the weekend. It was really something to see. I couldn't believe I was so concerned for their safety!

If you have kids, they may really enjoy watching.


Double click the picture for full screen. To return: right click and choose Exit Full Screen

I hope you all have a nice weekend planned. We are going to enjoy just being at home. That is our favorite place to be.

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AAWWW what a truely breath taking blog!! Im in shabby heaven!! Im poping you into my Fav's right now!! I'll be coming over for a visit again real soon!!
Gorgeous!! just gorgeous!