Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So Shabby Pink - When is A Pear A Real Peach?

A pear is a real peach when your name is Jennifer Froh of Pear Street Studios! :-) She is just the sweetest lady and I cannot say enough nice things about her.

I first met Jennifer when I was a part of an online shopping website. She was the graphic designer and made my special graphic so personal and to my specifications. I got to know her better through the year as we participated in chat room groups. She was always the professional but how fun and personable she turned out to be! I want to introduce her to all of you who have not yet had the privilege of meeting her.

This is Jennifer Froh, one of the lovliest women I know!

Before Jennifer started doing graphic design, she began and still owns a preschool facility. She currently cares for 120 children! Jennifer pays close attention to all that goes on there and fortunately, is blessed to have a director for day to day managment. That must be quite a task!

As if that was not enough, she has for the past 5 years been designing websites and gorgeous graphics through another business, Pear Street Studios.


She also has a darling business where she makes children's birthday invitations, christening invitations and baby shower invitations called Penelope J. Swenson.


Jennifer is part owner and graphic designer in a trendy new online hot spot called "The Snooty Woman's Club." That has to be a name made in fun because the last thing Jennifer would be is snooty. It took me quite awhile to convince her to let me blog on her. I love her honesty and humility.


In addition to all the above, Jennifer is a wife and the mother of 3 children. She is very blessed! My goodness! She sure must be a busy lady!

This is my favorite of Jennifer's Blog entries. It's all about her holiday home. You can see it in its entirety by clicking here . With her permission, I have posted some of the GORGEOUS pictures of her home this past Christmas.

Let's take a poll - are you one of those women who, if you are riding after dark, you tell your husband to SLOW DOWN if driving past a home that has the curtains open?? I am one of those people! I LOVE to see inside of other peoples' homes. Thank you so much for sharing these, Jennifer!

I can tell she loves all shades of white! I do too. She also said, "I love beadboard walls and weathered white painted woods. I love light shades of blues & greens... anything the ocean inspires!" She beautifully reflects this in her home and her one of a kind graphic and web designs.

Oh, this is something that is magazine worthy!

Isn't her bedroom gorgeous?

Oops! Wrong picture. I think I will leave it though. Can you tell I miss the show "The Unit?"

Jennifer loves to walk, do Yoga & Pilates. "I recently started running," she says, "but my joints aren't too happy about it! I also started reading... now that my kids are out of their dependency stage. I'm currently reading "Bringing Up Boys" by Dr. James Dobson....a book I highly recommend to anyone raising a son. " If you go to Jennifer's blog, you can also find some great family photos.

I will begin to wind down my writing today by sharing a question I asked Jennifer while preparing for this blog entry. I asked Jennifer this:

Q: Which parent do you favor that made you so pretty?

She answered:

A: "Any beauty I possess is made visible because of all the people I love and who love me... my parents, my husband and my 3 amazing boys... they make me shine. Without them I'd be a poopy old witch!"

Poopy witch? Never.... When I read her answer, I almost burst into tears. I felt my eyes get all watery and had to fight off crying. I can relate to that statement so much.

Now, with all her talent and charm, there is ONE thing I like MOST about her. In her own words,
"I hate wearing shoes. That's the first thing that comes off when I get home."

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are clones!!

Jennifer can be found at these great stops on the world wide web



Hope you will visit her soon!

Have a great week!


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