Tuesday, August 12, 2008

So Shabby Pink - My Favorite Place

Where is your favorite place?

I grew up in Virginia Beach. I just love the ocean and most of what comes out of it.

When I was younger, I was pretty much Daddy's girl. Our dog, Jody, and I would often go fishing with him. I spent some pretty scary moments with my Dad out there on the Chesapeake Bay . Let's see - stopper plugs coming out and water coming in, thunderstorms, submarines, freighter ships, sharks, dog overboard............ Thank the Lord, my Dad, the dog and I survived them all!

I also love the sounds and the smells of the ocean. Sea gulls. Waves. Life guard whistles. Boats. Sailboat sails flapping in the breeze and clanging on their masts. Ship horns. Sun tan lotion. Hot dogs. The smells of boat motor gas and oil combined with sea water you experience only at a marina. It is all so familiar and really gives me great comfort.

Now living in Texas, I still try to make the sea a part of our home with my collection of sea shells and related items. I bought this great conk shell during a visit to Florida. It sometimes serves as a door stop for the front door. It's pink and a perfect shabby chic accessory too! Nature is beautiful, isn't it?

So, where is your favorite place? Hope you will leave a comment.

Glad you came by today!



Pear Street Studios said...

I've never lived by the beach... but I sure wish I could! I LOVE your conch shell! SOOOO ME!!! LOL!
Hugs, Jen

Michele said...

Your conch shell is gorgeous!!! I love the soft pink color inside the shell.

I couldn't agree more with you about the peacefulness of the ocean/beach. To answer your question, the beach IS my favorite place. I would love to own a little beach cottage where I could open my front door and step out onto the sand of my own private beach!! Wouldn't that be wonderful?!

Michele R. (CA)

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Peggy ~
I am a California girl and now living in Texas I miss the ocean terribly !! It is so weird because I didn't realize how much I would miss it ~
I guess we don't realize what we have until we don't have it anymore ~
I love your shell !
It is beautiful ~

Jillian said...

Well, since I am from the East Coast and used to live on the boardwalk in NJ, I ALSO LOVE THE BEACH! I used to go out in a little boat with my Dad and fish on the bay.

I also love the countryside now that I live in PA! Sweet corn and fresh veggies are all over the place and make me feel "at home" now. But I do miss the ocean. A LOT.

Thanks for sharing your shell with us. It is gorgeous! Perfectly pink!