Sunday, August 17, 2008

So Shabby Pink - We Had a Birthday Party

Oh, boy! It's another birthday around here. We don't eat much sugar anymore so when it's time for a birthday cake, we get really excited.

My husband's birthday is in a few days but we decided to celebrate it today. We had a nice lunch with family after church and then came home so I could bake him a cake.

What to do? My husband loves buttercream AND cream cheese icing. Well, I guess there really is only one solution - make two cakes! I just took a regular cake mix and frosted each layer separately.

I like the cream cheese icing best. At the end of the day and judging by how much cake was left over, he and his son seemed to like the buttercream best.

I didn't think he could sucessfuly blow out all the candles on both cakes BUT


He is so funny.

Making cake for men is really different. No table cloths. No frilly napkins. No pink anything. No candles. No little party mints and peanuts in vintage china dishes. JUST CAKE! So, I just gave them what they wanted.

It sure was a pleasant day and I hope my husband will look back with happy memories as we showed him today how special he is to us.

Which is your favorite cake icing? Join in the birthday fun and leave a comment if you will!

Glad you came by today,



Donna Lynn said...

My favorite cake is wedding cake, birthday cake, cupcakes, chocolate cake, white cake, sponge cake...OK, any cake really! And the frosting!!! OH man, I love frosting! Buttercream is marvelous.

Happy birthday to your hubby! What a fun time you must of had, any cause for cake is fun!

Donna Lynn

Gallery Graphics, Inc. said...

Is there such a thing as BAD birthday cake?! OK I don't like coconut so no German Chocolate 4 me... but I will still eat the cake... I do love some good butter cream or whipping cream frosting. Our local cake maker (Main Sweets in Noel,MO) is where I live. She makes the BEST cappuccino cake & will make all of my requests come true, trust me I have had a couple of funny requests!!