Saturday, August 02, 2008

So Shabby Pink - Texas Buzzards

I have become quite the unexpected bird watcher these days but not in the usual way. There are hundreds of bird live video cams on the internet. My sister and I have found many that we have enjoyed watching this spring and summer. It started with the eaglet in Norfolk that I posted on previously.

Most of the bird nests are now empty but this falcon's nest in the UK has two new falcon chicks!

New Falcons:
Turn up the volume. When they eat, they are wild!

This nest is empty now but had two bald eagles. It is located in British Columbia. There are other cams you can watch on this site too.

So, after watching all these magnificent birds this spring and summer, what do I come across the other day in front of our house? BUZZARDS!! Yep, those ugly, scavenger things that eat road kill, were munching on a squirrel right in front of our home! I managed to get a few shots of them up in a tree but they were not very cooperative. They must have heard me say I needed to SHOOT a few pictures.

This is the best I could get. I tell you, these things are HUGE!

Click to enlarge

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Bird watching never appealed to me until I could see directly into the nest by these live video cameras. Try it for a week. You will be hooked too.

I found myself rooting for the smallest chicks that were being pushed aside by their larger siblings, and wanting to thump a few birds on the head for doing the pushing! My husband has thought I was crazy as I have sat here cheering as a baby falcon jumped out of the nest for the first time - and all of this, right here on my computer screen. Amazing. Just amazing!

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